Company Secretary

 Under Chapter 622 of the new Companies Ordinance, every Hong Kong incorporated company must appoint at least one company secretary. The company secretary is the chief administrative officer who has an important role in helping the company comply with the requirements of the Companies Ordinance.


At Smart Accounting, our fully qualified Company Secretaries are well experienced in helping clients fulfill their compliance obligations. We can deliver accurate and reliable services for you, and provide you with ongoing supports at every stage of business.

Annual Company Secretarial Plan (HK$1,200 per annum)

Clients can appoint us as their Company Secretary by signing up for our Annual Company Secretarial Plan which includes the following services:


Serving as the Company Secretary for your company.
Preparation and filing of Annual Return with the Companies Registry.
Including the Annual Return filing fee of HK$105 payable to the Government.
Advising clients on Company Secretarial matters.

Ad Hoc Company Secretarial Services

Ad hoc Company Secretarial Services are only required when certain non-recurring events arise. For example, when you need to change the company’s particulars, we will help you prepare and file the statutory required documents with the Companies Registry to effect the change and complete the formality properly.

Fee Schedule

Type of events

Hong Kong Company


Offshore Company


Change of Company’s Particulars
Appointment of director 600 600
Resignation of director 600 600
Removal of director 900 900
Appointment or Removal of auditor 700
Change of company name (Including the relevant government fee, new set of common seal, signature chop, company round chop, articles of association and share certificates) 1900 From 1600
Application for Trade Name 500 500
Registration of branch office 500
Registration of representative office 700
Annual general meeting
Written resolution for the Annual General Meeting 500
Significant Controllers Register
Preparation of Significant Controllers Register 500
Certification and Legalisation of documents
Certified True Copy of documents by CPA or ACIS (maximum of 5 documents) 500 500
Certificate of Incumbency (For Offshore company) From 1400
Certificate of Good Standing (For Offshore company) From 1400
Apostille From 1400 From 1400
China Attestation (Commercial Documents) by China-appointed Attesting Officer By quotation
Power of Attorney with a Board Resolution From 1500 From 1500

The above fees and terms are subject to change without prior notice. For more information about our services and fees, please contact us.