Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Hong Kong is a major financial hub in the world, a Special Administrative Region of China, and the premier gateway to the China market. Each year, there are over a hundred thousand new companies incorporated in Hong Kong.


The procedure for Hong Kong company incorporation is straightforward. There are no restrictions on the applicant’s nationality and capital outlays. You only need to provide us with some basic information, we can prepare the necessary incorporation documents and submit the application to the Government Authorities for you. The applicant does not need to be in Hong Kong during the entire process.


Normally it takes about 5 to 7 days to incorporate a new company. If using our express incorporation services, the processing time can be shortened to only 1 day. In addition, we also have a list of shelf companies available for your purchase.

Requirements for Hong Kong Company Incorporation


  • Only one shareholder is required.
  • Corporate shareholder is permitted.
  • No nationality restriction.


  • Only one director is required.
  • Corporate director is permitted, but there must be at least one director
    who is a natural person.
  • No nationality restriction.

Company secretary

  • Appointing a company secretary is required.
  • The company secretary must ordinarily reside in Hong Kong.

Registered address

  • Every Hong Kong Company must have a registered address in Hong Kong.
  • Post office box is not acceptable.

Share capital

  • There is no minimum paid-up capital requirement.
  • Bearer share is not permitted.