Legalisation of Documents

Legalisation, authentication and notarisation of documents are forms of legal certification which certify that a document is authentic or a true copy. For certain business purposes, legal certifications are required to make the documents acceptable as proper and legal. For example:


  • when applying for a bank account, the bank will require a set of CPA certified true copy of documents from the applicant.
  • when setting up a WFOE or a representative office in the Mainland China, certain corporate documents (e.g. Certificate of Incorporation, Business Certificate, Article of Association, etc.) must be notarised by a China Appointed Attesting Officer in Hong Kong.

Our Services

According to clients’ business needs, our skillful and efficient team can help clients prepare and obtain different form of legal certification documents including legalisation, authentication, notarisation, apostille, China attestation, etc.


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