Our Service Fees


Total no. of accounting transactions Monthly report (HK$) Quarterly report (HK$) Yearly report
10 or below1,0001,1001,200
11 to 302,0002,1002,200
31 to 502,7002,8003,000
51 to 1003,5003,7003,900
101 to 1504,3004,6004,800
151 to 2005,2005,4005,700
201 to 2506,0006,3006,600
251 to 3006,8007,1007,500
301 to 3507,6008,0008,400
351 to 4008,4008,8009,300
ThereafterPlease contact us for a quotation.

Bookkeeping and accounting services include:

  1. Organising and filing the accounting documents provided by clients
  2. Recording the accounting transactions with computer application
  3. Preparation of profit and loss account, balance sheet, trial balance and general ledgers

The above fees and terms are subject to change without prior notice. For more information about our services and fees, please contact us.