Our Service Fees


Annual Registered Address Plan (HK$1,400 per annum)


  1. Provision of an office address for clients’ company registration
  2. Receiving Government mails and timely notifying clients by email
  3. Handling Government mails according to clients’ instructions
  4. Free Government mails forwarding to clients’ designated address by ordinary /air mail

Bank Account Opening Service
Hong Kong Banks (HK$2,500 per account)
Overseas Banks (HK$3,000 per account)


Services included:

  1. Introducing clients to their chosen banks and arranging meetings with the bankers
  2. Providing a set of CPA / Chartered Secretary Certified True Copies of corporate documents as required by the bank for the purpose of opening a bank account
  3. Assisting clients with preparation of a directors’ declaration, organization chart and business plan
  4. Following up and keeping clients posted on the progress of application

Please note:

  1. Our Bank Account Opening service does not include any bank charges.
  2. While we will attempt our best effort to facilitate the application process, we cannot guarantee that the bank will open the bank account for every client as the bank has the entire discretion in deciding whether to approve the account opening application.

Hong Kong Trademark Registration Services


Stage 1: Pre-filing Search
Prior to the application for a Trademark registration, we will conduct a preliminary search to check whether there is already a similar or same Trademark registered in Hong Kong.

Fees for Pre-filing search of one Trademark: HK$1,200 (covering both our service fee and government search fee)


Stage 2: Filing of trademark application
If the aforesaid search indicates that there is no similar or same Trademark registered in Hong Kong, we can proceed with the application for the Trademark registration. The whole process takes about 6-9 months. Upon successful registration, the Intellectual Property Department will issue a certificate of registration for the Trademark. The certificate will be valid for ten years and renewable indefinitely.

Fees for filing of a trademark application: HK$3,200 (covering both our service fee and government filing fee for one class of product/service. For each additional class of product/service: HK$1,600)

Working Visa Application Services


  1. Provide free consultation on the application of a working visa
  2. According to clients’ situation, provide a tailor-made documents checklist for the working visa application
  3. Complete the required application form(s)
  4. Review the provided supporting documents to make sure that they are in compliance with the existing immigration policy
  5. Submit the application to Immigration Department
  6. Interact with the Immigration Department regarding the application
  7. Handle the enquiries and correspondences from Immigration Department
  8. Keep clients posted on the status of application
  9. Once the application is approved, collect the visa label from Immigration Department

Our Service Fees

Visa for Professional     HK$8,500
Visa for Entrepreneur    HK$8,500
Each dependant              HK$2,500

(The above service fees include the relevant government charges for the visa application.)

Hong Kong Company Deregistration Services (HK$2,500)


  1. Reviewing the corporate documents and tax information of the company concerned
  2. Preparing all the resolutions, forms and other documents necessary to apply for deregistration
  3. Submitting an application to the Inland Revenue Department for “Notice of No Objection”
  4. Submitting an application to the Companies Registry for deregistration

Service fee: HK$2500

Processing Time: Approximately 6 months


Please note that our Hong Kong company deregistration services fee does not include:

  1. the relevant government charges; and
  2. the fee for the final audit of the company’s financial statements. (The Final audit may not be required in certain cases.)

The above fees and terms are subject to change without prior notice. For more information about our services and fees, please contact us.