Trademark Registration Services

 Trademark registration is a critical step in protecting your intelligent right and preventing others from using your Trademark. If there is any infringement of your registered Trademark, you can take legal action to stop the infringement and seek indemnity.


Documents Required For Trademark Registration

  1. Soft copy of the Trademark image
  2. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation / Business Registration Certificate, or copy of the applicant’s ID if the applicant is an individual
  3. Duly signed Application Form for Trademark registration

Hong Kong Trademark Registration Service Fees

Stage 1: Pre-filing search
Prior to the application for a Trademark registration, we will conduct a preliminary search to check whether there is already a similar or same Trademark registered in Hong Kong.

Fees for Pre-filing search of one Trademark: HK$1,200 (covering both our service fee and government search fee)


Stage 2: Filing of trademark application
If the aforesaid search indicates that there is no similar or same Trademark registered in Hong Kong, we can proceed with the application for the Trademark registration. The whole process takes about 6 months. Upon successful registration, the Intellectual Property Department will issue a certificate of registration for the Trademark. The certificate will be valid for ten years and renewable indefinitely.

Fees for filing of a trademark application: HK$3,200 (covering both our service fee and government filing fee for one class of product/service. For each additional class of product/service: HK$1,600)


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