Working Visa

Under the Hong Kong Immigration Ordinance, any person (unless he / she has the right of abode, right to land or unconditional stay in Hong Kong) must obtain a working visa before coming to Hong Kong for the purpose of taking up any paid or unpaid, long or short term employment.


Our working visa application services include:

  • Provide free consultation on the application of a working visa
  • According to clients’ situation, provide a tailor-made documents checklist for the working visa application
  • Complete the required application form(s)
  • Review the provided supporting documents to make sure that they are in compliance with the existing immigration policy
  • Submit the application to Immigration Department
  • Interact with the Immigration Department regarding the application
  • Handle the enquiries and correspondences from Immigration Department
  • Keep clients posted on the status of application
  • Once the application is approved, collect the visa label from Immigration Department

Service Fees

Visa for Professional     HK$8,500
Visa for Entrepreneur    HK$8,500
Each dependant              HK$2,500

(The above service fees include the relevant government charges for the visa application.)


Processing time             About 6 weeks